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Shipping & Delivery

Estimated Shipping Charges

Shipping costs are a best guess until the product actually ships and is delivered. We can estimate the cost at approximately 10% of the total order. This can vary based on several factors.

Commercial rates by common carrier are based on delivery to a commercial address. Commercial buildings have been designed to allow the large tractor trailers to traverse the roads with out regard for narrow roads or electric lines or local restrictions that prevent or restrict them from making a delivery.

If your order is shipped to a residential address, you MAY be charged a residential delivery charge of as low as $25 or as high as $100. If you request a lift-equipped truck for delivery, you will likely be charged extra for that service. If the neighborhood where you live has truck-size limits, you may have to make arrangements for a smaller truck to be used at your expense. If you request a delivery time frame for your delivery, expect to pay extra.

There are many reasons that commercial shippers find it more expensive to deliver in a residential neighborhood. We suggest you use a commercial address whenever possible.

If you experience difficulties with your delivery, we will help where we can. Unfortunately, our power is limited and your best friend in any dispute is the local manager of the shipper. He or she can help solve any problem. With a cooperative spirit from you, they will work with you to make your delivery as smooth as possible.

Shipping Damage

Fortunately, very few shipments are damaged. When delivering, the shipper will ask for a signature that all was received in good order. You must inspect the items you are signing for BEFORE you sign for the goods. If you see any damage to the box or anything that would indicate hidden damage, it must be noted on the delivery receipt. If the product is damaged, we suggest you refuse the shipment.

If you fail to note the possibility of damage on the delivery receipt, it is very difficult to obtain any relief from the shipping company. If you have any concerns about damage, we strongly encourage you to call the shipper's local terminal and speak to the manager about your concerns before the driver leaves.

Legends Direct is not responsible for damage that may have occurred during shipping. The shipping company is responsible for shipping damage. If you sign for a delivery that is damaged, you accept all responsibility for the shipment and any damage that may have occurred during the shipping of your goods.