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Roll Shutter Operation Options

The roll-up style shutter has three operational types:

Retractable Tape

First and simplest is the retractable tape. Basically you pull or release the tape to open or close the shutter. Most often the tape system is used for inside operation. The tape system use is limited to small shutters due to weight limitations. See drawing for details.

Manual Gear

The second and most popular in the US is the manual gear. It is a simple gear actuator that is operated using a crank handle. The gear system is used for inside or outside operation of the shutter. I suggest if possible you choose outside operation to simplify the installation of the shutter.

The use of a gear operator is limited by the overall weight of the shutter slats. We can provide a simple spring assist if the weight of the shutter exceeds the capacity of the gear. Most gears have a weight limitation of approximately 90 lbs.. The spring assist will increase this to approx. 250 lbs.. Above that weight it will require motorization or the shutters will have to be split in two or three to lighten the load on the gear. See drawing for details.

Motorized Roll Shutters


The third operating system is motorization. The electric motors are tubular and are located inside of the drive tube the slats roll-up onto. Motorization allows much more flexibility in the operation and control of each shutter. Many clients install a central control system that provides the control of all, a group or one shutter from a central location. The shutters can be scheduled to open and close automatically.

A weather sensor can be used to close all shutters in case of serious weather threats. The shutters can be controlled using infrared or radio controlled remotes. The location of a shutter may be inaccessible for any manual operation and the motor can be controlled from any where you install a switch. We have found that any experienced electrician will have no trouble at all wiring the motors for new or existing homes. One last item, the motors draw very little current and are virtually indestructible. See drawing for details.

Remote Control Roll Shutters

Remote Control Option

Roll up shutters can be operated using simple, hand-held infrared remotes or the more popular Radio Frequency (RF) controls. These controls can be used with wind, rain and sun sensors for weather-controlled operation. Of course, there are timers available for time-controlled operation.

The RF remotes can be used with a manual switch or can be the primary control for the shutter eliminating the need for a hard-wired manual switch; this simplifies wiring eliminating the extra circuit, switch and switch box.

You can control all the shutters from a central controller individually or in groups as desired.

You can coordinate the operation through low-voltage systems offered by Lutron Electronics.

A control system can be designed that responds to your phone call activating the operation of your shutters while you are away.

Technology has made available many options to control your shutters that add convenience, practicality, security and value to your home, business or commercial structure that needs the protection of roll up shutters.