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Measuring for Colonial Shutters

Colonial style shutters are installed on hinges at the side of openings and can be folded over the opening or stored to the side of each opening. The dimensions we need are the width of the opening and the height of the opening. Standard allowances will be made by us.

For example, should you require a surface mount, the following allowances would be made. To obtain the panel width, we divide the opening width by 2 and add 2”. That means the panel coverage will be 4" greater than the opening width. The height of the panels will be 4” greater than the opening height. Except! If you have a window that extends out from the wall surface the panels will be 2” greater than the opening dimension and when the shutters are closed they will be above the existing .

If you require a recess mount, the panel coverage will be reduced overall by 1/2 inch in width and height. Keep in mind you will need space on each side of the window for the panels in the stored position.