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Measuring for Accordion Shutters

Accordion Storm Shutter measuring instructions are simple; the basis for all measurements are the width and height measurements of the opening you plan to protect.

Before measuring, decide if you will surface mount the shutter on the face of the building around the opening or will you install the shutter recessed inside of the opening.

A recessed installation means the shutter will be between two surfaces horizontally and or between a floor and a ceiling. If you have a deeply recessed opening (5" or more) and you want or need to mount recessed into the opening, that is the dimension in inches we need. We will manufacture the shutter to fit inside the recessed area.

If your shutter is a floor-to-ceiling installation, (we call that "trapped") the actual dimension from the floor to the ceiling in inches is what we need. With the dimensions and type of installation, we will send the correct headers and s and manufacture the accordion shutter to fit inside your opening. Keep in mind, the shutter when in the stored position will provide a clear opening less than the actual width of the shutter. Please click here for more information on accordion shutter storage (stacking) space. The clear opening in width will be reduced by 3.5" plus one inch per foot of actual shutter width. For example a 12' wide shutter when in the stored position will provide a clear opening width of 10' 8.5". The shutter can be designed to open one way or center open or some combination in between.

A surface-mount installation requires the measuring of the width and height in inches for the opening you want to protect. We also need to know if the opening is a window or door. We will ship a shutter in a width that will provide a clear opening at least as wide as the width dimension you give us. The height of the finished shutter will be proper to fit a window or a door as requested. The shutter width will be approximately 3.5" plus 1" per foot of shutter width wider than the opening width dimension you provided. The shutter can be a one-way open or a center open or a combination between. When measuring, take this into consideration... be sure nothing is in the way such as a light. The height of the shutter for a window will be 6" greater than the height dimension you provide. You will install the shutter header and 3" above and below the opening. We will provide the correct and headers for your type of installation. One more point. If you have a drip , we need to know the measurement from the top of to the bottom of the drip and how far it protrudes from the wall around it.

The door width is calculated the same as a window. The height may require a different type based on whether you have a step down from the door . If there is a step down, let us know that dimension in inches separately. We will make the allowances for adding that dimension.

All shutter prices are based on the finished size of the shutter not the opening being protected.

We will be happy to help you with any questions. We have had many customers take photos of specific details concerning an opening. This helps greatly with making sure everyone is on the same page and gets it right the first time. Please email your photos and questions to sales@legendsdirect.com, or call 888-795-9441.