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Bahama Shutter Installation

Below are generic instalation instructions for surface-mount Bahama shutters. Please follow the instructions you receive with your order for more complete instructions.

Tools Required:  level, drill driver bits, appropriate fasteners, tape measure, ladder and a pencil.

Step 1: Measure width of opening and mark the center at the top 1-1/2" up from window opening on the window header.

Step 2: Measure hinge at top of shutter panel and mark the center of the hinge. Mark every 10"-16" right and left of center mark.

Step 3: Drill 1/4" hole in hinge at previous marks on hinge.

Step 4: Place shutter over opening aligning center hole in hinge with mark on header. Check for even overlap above and below opening. If there is a rest the shutter on the and mark the header thru the center hole in the hinge.

Step 5: Set aside shutter and drill appropriate size hole in header 1/4" above mark made in previous step.

Step 6: Attach shutter thru hole in center of hinge using appropriate fastener. Snug the fastener up to the point the shutter stays in place but can still be moved.

Step 7: Level shutter. Stand back and check the look for consistency of overlap. Tighten the fastener so the shutter wont move while completing the installation.

Step 8: Drill holes thru hinge into header as before and using appropriate fasteners attach the hinge firmly in place.

Step 9: Attach support tubes to shutter panel using supplied fasteners. Then lift up panel and extend each arm to the face of the building. The arms should be at a 90 degree angle to the building.

Step 10: Using the supplied support arm brackets attach them to the surface of the wall in the position that allows the panel to close completely on the surface of the building. You will receive more detailed instructions with your shutters. There are a couple of variations on how and where the support arms and brackets can be attached.

Step 11: Adjust the arm extensions to the desired point that provides the most effective angle for your Bahama shutter.