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Accordion Shutter Installations

Installation Instructions for a typical surface mount application.

Accordion shutters have very flexible installation opportunities. This instruction is designed to provide basic guidance for installation. We have numerous solutions for unusual situations. If you need a solution for your application, please call one of our specialists at 888-795-9441. Please click here for other accordion shutter installation options.

  1. Refer to your engineering drawing to determine the appropriate screw spacing. The screw spacing is based on the height, width, elevation and wind load requirements.

  2. The vertical mount strip and or surface mount angle will require 1/4" holes to be drilled spaced as determined in step 1.Accordion Shutter Installation
  3. Find the center of the opening and make a pencil mark at the to of the opening.

  4. Measure the width of each accordion stack and subtract the difference. IE. If you have a left stack of 12" and a right stack of 2" subtract the difference 10" and make the 3" vertical mark 10" to the left of the original center mark. This will be the reference point for the header installation.

  5. From your center mark on the opening, measure the difference, either left or right, whichever is appropriate and scribe a vertical line up approximately 3".

  6. From the top of the opening, measure up 3" on the 3" vertical line and make a horizontal mark to form a cross hair.

  7. Find the center of the top track and make a pencil mark.

  8. Install the header track with the center of the track in line with the cross hair mark. I suggest you attach the header at the center using the appropriate fastener snugging the fastener. Make sure the header is level. Then complete the installation of the header.
    Accordion Shutter Installation
  9. The side mount strips will be installed on one side. It does not matter which side.
    The angle will be installed vertically flush against the end of the previously installed track. The angle will be flush with the top of the top track as indicated Below. Make sure the angle is installed plumb as the starter strip will be attached to the angle later.
    Accordion Shutter Installation
  10. Lubricate top track and carriage-assembly wheels with a silicone-based spray and slide stacks (accordion blades) into the top track.

  11. Take bottom wall track, butt against the previously installed side angle. Insert bottom pins of stacks into the groove of the bottom track. Level and fasten track to the wall with appropriate fasteners.

  12. Install the remaining side-closure angle.

  13. Pop rivet the "L-Flaps" to the side closure angles with 3/16" diameter pop rivets at 12" on center. (See below
    Accordion Shutter Installation
  14. Mark o top and bottom track the location where the locking pins will protrude through the tracks in both the open and closed positions and drill out with a 7/16" diameter bit. (Do this procedure only if shutter has locking pins.)

  15. Caulk top and sides of the shutter and entire shutter checking for proper operation.

Accordion Shutter Installation

NOTE: Drawings may not show exact configuration of all parts.